Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sorry i have been quiet, i keep telling myself i need to buy me a tab, for ease of communication, it would definitely make blogging easier and fun!
Anyway, i've been great! Past two weeks i have been helping facilitate a training program on Kenya Sign Language. And since i have not had any exposure with members of the deaf community, i was keen to learn and interact.
I must admit i haven't had this much fun in a training/workshop in a very long time!

There are so many misconceptions, so many false truths, so much to learn about Deaf culture, the DO's and DON'Ts. and don't get me started on the actual sign language!!! Sooo fascinating!
I couldn't wait to get home everyday and teach Papa and Fifi some signs.

As an advocator of social inclusion, it is important to remember to include ALL disabilities in all aspects and it sad to note that deaf people are often forgotten. Strange and sad that despite being disabled, i also have the ability and capacity to discriminate. I guess its a human vice after all, but we ALL have to continually strive for a more inclusive society.
This workshop has opened my eyes, and i am humbled and so blessed.

Thank you Mercy, Susan, Isabel, Leonida and Mumbi for introducing me to your world, i am richer today because of you.

God Bless.