Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunny sunny holiday

Been thinking a lot about going to Mombasa lately, it may something to do with Easter holidays around the corner or maybe it because a  friend is driving down with her family; i don't know!
Either way, it's been awhile since we went on holiday and it would be good to take some time out.
I got to thinking about the time i went on holiday in Turtle Bay Resort, Watamu with my girlfriends and i really wanted to get in the water but because my prosthesis isn't waterproof i couldn't. I remember how frustrating it was for me. I was a good swimmer before my accident, totally loved the water but now so many factors seemed to be against me! Such a dilemma for little ol' me:(
As a mum, i don't want to limit my baby, i want to give her access to everything! I'm sure other mums out there can relate. More importantly, i don't want to be the reason my baby hasn't done this or that! It's heartbreaking for me!
So i now have to figure out a way to take her swimming, the list is long but we'll start with swimming!
A few things i have to wrap my head around;
1. Should i keep my prosthesis on or off in the pool?
2. Should i try to hide my imperfections or should allow the rest of the world to stare and judge me?
3. Should i look for a private secluded pool or a nearby public pool?
Decisions, decisions!!!

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