Friday, 16 March 2012

Lets Talk About S.E.X

Talking about contraceptives with other moms at playgroup yesterday got me thinking. First of all, i didn't know about the various options out there. There's the pill, mini pill, a 3 month injection, spermicides(that i didn't know you have to use with condoms), a vaginal ring(not a diaphragm) which acts like the pill apparently, condoms, and finally, the stick thing that is inserted in your arm....its a bit much but all good info!
This was an important discussion for me as we try and plan our family but it may not be everyone's reality especially if you're disabled.
Society has this warped notion that the disabled don't have SEX, why you ask? I don't know! More so women than men, maybe it's easier to assume we don't have any sexual desires than to have to include us in the general majority.
Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a blame game, i just wanted to reiterate how important social inclusion is, and how targeting disabled women and girls in order to better educate them on sexual matters and their sexual health may not necessarily involve any major changes or big budget adjustments.
We are no different from you; we feel, we hurt, we love:)

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